About Us

Our Culture

As a cryptocurrency exchange, we firmly believe in the value and power that decentralized finance offers to individuals. We recognize that as each day passes, more people are discovering the advantages that Bitcoin and other digital assets have to offer. We also understand that many people rely on crypto exchanges for their livelihoods. Our culture welcomes everyone. Our philosophy defines every aspect of our exchange platform and underpins our commitment to simplicity, accessibility, affordability, and security.


Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency and remains the world’s most well-known altcoin. This pioneering decentralized currency was launched on January 3rd, 2009 in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have been created over the years offer investors many advantages compared to traditional financial systems.

Each cryptocurrency offers its own unique set of features. However, the general ideology remains the same: cryptocurrencies are the foundation of a self-sovereign financial system over which no government or financial institution has jurisdiction.


Key Features

Some of the most noteworthy advantages of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over legacy financial institutions like banks include:

Faster Payments

Cryptocurrency transactions are processed and settled in minutes.

Fraud Resistant

The blockchain verifies each payment, ensuring resistance to a double-spend attack.

Combats Inflation

Crypto cannot be endlessly issued. Monetary policy is hardcoded.

True Ownership

No one can block your accounts or take your money away.

International Payments

Banks restrict where and who you send your money to.

Cheaper Transactions

Banks charge excessive fees for cross-border payments. Crypto transactions cost cents or single dollars.