How to verify your Si-Exchange account

To start your experience on Si-Exchange you must verify your account first. In order to ensure the security of our clients and our systems, we have taken extensive precautions designing our KYC/AML system.

Our KYC/AML program involves customer identification, transaction monitoring, risk management education, full training program availability, internal control systems, redundant record keeping, internal and external auditing and oversight as well as full accountability. These systems are always working to protect our clients and their data.

For legal and KYC/AML purposes, a client may be defined as:

  • A person or entity that maintains an account and/or has or had a business or other relationship with Si-Exchange.
  • Beneficiaries of any transactions conducted by, with or for Si-Exchange.
  • Any person or entity having any connection with a financial transaction related to Si-Exchange.

In order to complete the compliance procedure, you will need the following documentation:

Proof of Identity

• A copy of a government-issued ID (Can be your current passport/government issued ID card/driver’s license).

• This must be valid for at least 3 months, have a clear photo of your face, show your full name and your date birth.

Proof of address

• A copy of a utility bill that is not older than 3 months, such as water, electricity, gas, telephone bills, bank/card statement or a letter issued by a recognized public authority.

• The document must contain your full name and current residential address on the date of issue.

You will have the option to upload the above documents by clicking on “Verify my account” once you are logged in to your personal account.

Make sure the following information is visible on your documents:

  • ○ Your full name.
  • ○ Your current address
  • ○ Date of issue (Make sure it’s not older than 3 months)
  • ○ Issuer (company or institution)

You will have the option to track the status of each submitted document, by clicking on “Compliance”.

Having a problem verifying your account? Check our FAQ troubleshooting guide or write to support.