Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

  1. Introduction and Your Acceptance of the Terms of use


1.2. SEH OÜ is a company that’s incorporated under the laws of Estonia, with a registered office at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-442k, 10119. And is to be referred to as “us,” “we,” “our” or “Company”.

1.3. The users of the website Si-Exchange.com (the “Site”), are to be referred to as “you,” or “yourself”. By using our Site, and/or by entering your personal details to register an account in the intentions of using our services, you fully accept and agree to comply with the following terms and conditions which will be governing your use of the Site and all the services offered therein (the “Terms of Use”). You are required to read the entire Terms of Use very carefully prior to using our Site or any of the services offered on the Site (the “Services”). If you disagree to any term of these Terms of Use, you are refused to use the Site and the Services.

1.4. You further acknowledge that the privacy policy (made available on the Site at https://www.si-exchange/privacy-policy ) (the “Privacy Policy”), is an indispensable part of these Terms of Use, and by using the Services, you further agree that you have fully read, understood, and accepted the terms of the Privacy Policy.

  1. Eligibility

By registering an account to use the Services (the “Account”), you expressly represent and warrant that:

you have fully accepted our Terms of Use;

you are at least 18 years of age and have full power and authority to enter into this agreement and in doing so will not violate any other agreement to which you are a party.

you are mentally sound and capable to take full responsibility for your actions, and do have the full legal capacity to accept these Terms of Use and enter into a transaction which involves Digital Currency (as it is defined below); and all the details and information, including KYC documentation you submit to us during the initial registration process, and thenceforth, are true, up-to-date, complete and not misleading and, a match to the name(s) listed on the credit/debit card(s) or other payment accounts that are to be used to receive Fiat Money (defined below) in exchange for the Digital Currency.

will not use our Services if any applicable laws in your country prohibit you from doing so in accordance with these Terms.

have not been previously suspended or blocked from using our website and services.

are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of (i) any Restricted Locations which are as follow: Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Myanmar (Burma), Cuba, Zimbabwe, Yemen


  1. Personal Account Registration and Use

3.1. You are allowed to have one account registered only, and you are aware that multiple or linked accounts are not permitted.

3.2. Furthermore, you agree to not use your Account other than for your own operation, you acknowledge that accessing an Account of any other registered user (a “Member”) at any time, is absolutely prohibited.

3.3. By opening an account with us, you agree to provide us with up-to-date, correct, legitimate, and full information about you, which will include without limitations, your full name, date of birth, physical/postal address, telephone number, ID number, email address,  personal bank account details, as indicated in the registration and/or verification process, or as induced at any time following registration, and you are at all times required to keep any such submitted information updated at all times. We may ask for additional information as necessary, including but not strictly, in the event of any suspicious activity related to your Account.

3.4. In the Verification Process, we will verify your personal details upon your registration, and at any given time, by asking for specific documents from you. The documents requested will include a government-issued identity card (your national ID card, Driver’s License or Passport), proof of address, such as a utility bill or a bank statement, and proof of your payment method. If we feel that there’s a need for additional verification, we then may ask that copies of the required documents are notarized, with a stamp and attestation or certification by a notary of law, at your own expense. Should the provided documents fail to pass our internal security checks for any given reason, “such as upon suspicion of tampering, or due to suspicious or proven misrepresentation, we shall be under no obligation to accept such documents as valid, and under no obligation to provide feedback on the exact nature of our findings with regards to these documents. Furthermore, we may request that you participate in a phone or video call to successfully verify your identity”.

3.5. If necessary we have the right to conduct additional background checks on you and request any related documents from you for reasons relevant to your use of the Site and Services.

3.6. You accept that in order to complete such verification process and/or background checks, we may perform checks, directly or through acquiring the services of a third party providers all in an attempt to prevent misidentification, suspicious activity, money laundering, fraud or any other illegal activity, and may take the necessary actions with respect to the outcome of such inquiries, as we believe crucial. You hereby give us your complete authorization for such inquiries, including with respect to a query of your account information.

3.7. The above-mentioned nevertheless, the Company have the right, at any time, and in its discretion, deny you the option to register an Account, limit your Account’s activity, suspend any transaction pending our review of any information submitted by you or terminate your account.

3.8. Confidentiality of your Account.  You acknowledge that you are responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of your Account information, including your password, safeguarding your own Digital Currency, and for all activity and transactions that are posted to your Account. You understand that any compromise of your login information may expose your Account to unauthorized access by third parties which may result in loss or theft of Digital Currency or funds from your Account, including linked accounts, such as your linked bank accounts and credit cards.

3.9. You are required at all times to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your Account or password, suspected compromise of your login information, or any other breach of security through an email addressed to [email protected]

3.10. We have the right to terminate the account of any of the site’s Members who refuse to comply with our verification or security checks, or contrarily is in violation of the foregoing rules, and such Members may be held liable for any losses incurred by the Company or by any third party due to the Member’s non-compliance and/or violation of rules.

3.11. Responsibility for Third Party Use.  Your Account is for your private and personal use only, and not for the use or access of any third party. In any event, you are fully responsible for all acts of any third party accessing and/or using your Account.

3.12. You concur that you will not take advantage of the Services/Website to indulge in any criminal activity of any sort, including but not limited to, money laundering, illegal gambling operations, or terrorist financing. Legal entities and individuals cannot use our services if they’re already engaging in any illegal activities, disassemble, or take action that would cause damage to our services. “Illegal activities” for instance:  “the conversion or transfer of property derived from criminal activity or property obtained instead of such property, knowing that such property is derived from criminal activity or from an act of participation in such activity, for the purpose of concealing or disguising the illicit origin of the property or of assisting any person who is involved in the commission of such an activity to evade the legal consequences of that person’s actions;”

Furthermore, you are obligated to share with the Company your accurate location. Should the Company decide at its discretion that the activity on your Account is suspicious or related to an illegitimate operation, the Company have the right to cancel or suspend your Account, block any outstanding transactions, cancel any new transactions, and/or freeze any funds available on your Account.

3.13. You agree to receive promotional and/or informational emails from us to the email address you registered in your Account. You always have the option to decide not to receive these emails by using the “unsubscribe” option presented in any such email, when applicable.


  1. Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”), Anti-money Laundering (“AML”) and Counter Terrorist Financing (“CTF”) Procedures

4.1. As part of our dedication and determination to fight and prevent financial misconduct, we have implemented procedures and systems aiming to allow us to identify and mitigate the risks of our Site and Services being misused for illegal objectives. These include our KYC, AML and CTF procedures, which are based on our collection of information of our Users, the assessment of AML/CTF risks associated with their activities, and the ongoing monitoring of transactions made by them.

4.2. Where we have a suspicion that our business relationship with you, or a given transaction whichever you wish to make, involve a risk of money laundering, terrorism financing or any whatsoever financial crime or  illegal activity, we have the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse your registration as a customer, and terminate our engagement with you, withhold the processing of any transaction, and take the action we find necessary, which will include reporting our suspicion to the competent legal authorities. We will not be obligated to let you know of such action, nor to provide you an explanation of our reasons for taking them or for our suspicions.

4.3. You are aware and acknowledge that we operate under the guidelines of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, and we are legally required to report any activity which we find of suspicious nature. For the full information: https://www.riigiteataja.ee/en/eli/518012019004/consolide

4.4. For the objective of conducting the stated-above security checks, we may collect certain personal information about you, either/or from you or from external sources. Such information about you is to be treated and utilized according to our Privacy Policy. By making use of our Site and the Services we present, you represent and warrant that all information provided by you to us is accurate, up-to-date, and explicitly consent to the collection of any additional details about you from third parties, which includes financial and credit institutions, governmental authorities and external databases.


  1. Compliance

5.1. Your personal use of the Site and Services needs to be in full compliance with all local laws and regulations associable to your jurisdiction. It is your exclusive responsibility to ensure that your use of our Site and Services does not contradict the legal opinion in your country of residence.

5.2. The Company reserves the right to decline you as a customer, at its sole discretion. In case the company suspects that your use of the Site and Services involve illegal/prohibited activities, or by failing to complete the KYC, AML, and CFT procedures, we may refuse to provide you access to our Site and various Services, or process your financial transactions, in addition to any other action which we may deem necessary.

5.3. Sanctions. You authorize that you will follow all related international economic and export sanctions and any requirement therein. You will not use the Services made available on the Site if any of the following applies to you:

You are a resident of Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Myanmar (Burma), Cuba, Zimbabwe, or Syria, or;

you intend to distribute or provide the Services to any person of the Restricted Persons

5.4. Taxes.  You are solely responsible to familiarize with respect to any taxes applicable to your financial transactions on the Site. The Company under no circumstances will be regarded as providing any tax-related advice or consultation. It is your full responsibility to report and follow through on any taxes payable to the appropriate tax authorities.


  1. Provision of the Services

6.1. The Purchase of Digital Currency.  Our Services allow Members and Users to buy from the Company Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and/or any other digital currency (the “Digital Currency”) that is to be made available for purchase on the Site (a “Purchase”).

6.2. Sale of Digital Currency.  Our services allow Members and Users to exchange their Digital assets with Fiat Money (Sell).

6.3. Transactions in Exchange for Fiat Money.  Our services allow successfully verified Members to engage in Purchase and/or Sale transactions of Digital assets, as applicable, on a per-transaction basis in exchange for USD, EUR, or other fiat currencies as decided by the Company.

6.4. Payment Methods. You can send and/or receive Fiat Money to and from the Company through bank account wire transfers, credit card/Debit card payments, or a third party processor such as Neteller/Skrill. However, the Company cannot guarantee the availability of all payment methods for your use. Each payment option depends on several aspects, including but not limited to your geographical location, the identification information you have provided the Company with, and certain limitations enforced by the third-party payment processor if any.


6.5. Payments and Money Transfers.

  1. A) Deposit Payments. You fully comprehend and accept the following terms referring to money transfers you send the Company in relation with your Purchase order for Digital/Cryptocurrency:

An incoming transaction may, at the Company’s discretion, not be accepted it is made:

to a different beneficiary name than described in the payment details presented to you when you place your order; or

A payment that’s issued from a bank account in a name that does not match the name as registered on your Account with the Company,

If a payment was received by the Company’s bank account, clearing any applicable bank or administrative fees, is smaller, than the required transaction amount to place your Purchase order, the Company, at its discretion, have a right to either:

automatically update the Purchase order in accordance with the received transaction amount and then notify you accordingly with the newly updated order; or

contact you once the payment amount is received in order to amend or cancel your order; and

In case of the amount received to the Company’s bank account, clearing any applicable bank or administrative fees, is larger than the specified transaction amount placed at your Purchase order, the Company, at its discretion, shall either:

Upgrade your Purchase order in accordance to the amount received, as long as the amounts where the difference is not larger than 1,000 Euros, and then notify you accordingly once the new order has been placed, or

Make contact with you in order to receive new instructions to alter or cancel your order.

  1. B) Digital Currency Transfers. You fully comprehend and accept the following terms and conditions in relation to any Digital currency transfers you may send to the Company:

a transfer, at the Company’s discretion, may not be accepted by the Company if it is made:

to a Wallet Address that does not match the approved wallet address on your account, or does not match the Wallet address you specified in the transfer details entered when placing your order; yet in these situations, the Company has the right, at its discretion, to accept the transfer and place your order; or

assigning a Bank Account under a different beneficiary owner than provided on records, in order to receive a payment, nonetheless, the Company owns the rights at its discretion, to accept such transactions and complete your order;

if the transfer received to the Company’s Wallet Address, clearing any applicable fees, is smaller than the transfer amount specified in your Sale order, the Company, at its discretion, will either:

update the Sale order to match the received amount after deducting the applicable fee, and inform you accordingly with the updated order, or

make contact with you in order to amend the Order in question. If the received transfer amount, clearing any applicable fees, is larger than the requested transfer amount in your Sale order, the Company, at its discretion, will either:

Update the Sale order with the amount actually received, as long as the discrepancy between the specified amounts in the Order and received amounts does not exceed 5%, clearing any applicable fees, and then notify you accordingly; or

Make contact with you to amend the order in question.

The client holds full responsibility for providing the accurate wallet address in the case of Digital Currency transfers. The company is not to be held accountable for any transfers issued to the wrong wallet address submitted by the client.

Company shall not be held accountable and has no obligation to replace the Digital Currency sent to an incorrect wallet address, and no obligation to provide tracking or recovering assistance for such transfers.

6.6. Digital Currency Delivery.  The Company will make the necessary effort to deliver the  Digital Currency you Purchase to your Wallet at the earliest commercially feasible time, in accordance with our Terms of Use. You fully understand and accept that delivering the Digital asset you acquire at the website may take time to complete and process. You are also aware that on some incidents, the Company may not be capable to complete your Purchase order or deliver the Digital Currency as further elucidated herein.

6.7. Withdrawals of Fiat Money.  You understand and accept that: (i) the Company will make all possible efforts to issue payments of the Fiat Money in exchange for your Digital Currency Sale via wire transfers at the earliest reasonable time possible in accordance with the company’s terms of use;  (ii) payment of the Fiat Money for a Digital Currency Sale could on some occasions take time to process; (iii) the Company may not be able to complete your order and make a transfer of the Fiat funds in certain situations.  (iv) International Bank Transfers in Euros and USD may be reliant to additional verifications requirements; (v) such verification can include, not limited to, verification through email or additional means; (vi) once we issue a Fiat Money payment to a Bank Account and the funds are received, the company is not be able to retrieve the funds from the received Bank Account.

6.8. Wallet Address for Digital Currency Transfers.  You fully understand that: (i) we will submit and deliver the Digital Currency you choose to Purchase to the personal Wallet Address which you provide us with when placing your order; (ii) each order is dependent on a verification process, which may include, but not limited to, verification via email; -(iii) in case you do not complete the verification request issued for a new submitted Wallet Address within 24 hours of our sending such verification request to your email, the request shall be deemed expired and you will be required to submit a new request.  (iv) once the company sends you the digital Currency to your Wallet Address, the company will not be able to retrieve the funds in question.

6.9. A Deposit via Digital Currency. The client understands that once his account is verified he will have the option to deposit funds to his account on the Site by executing a Digital Currency transfer. The funds shall be deposited by you to the specific Wallet Address that is provided to you on the website; (i) once you send Digital Currency to the company’s Wallet Address, you will lose the ability to retrieve that Digital Currency from that Wallet Address.

6.10. The Company is not liable for errors.  You fully understand and recognize that the Company will not be held responsible or liable for any error with respect to the information you provide, including without limitation incorrect Wallet Address and/or Bank Account information.

  1. Risks

You’re fully aware and accept the risks involved in buying and selling Digital Currency, and most importantly you understand that your Purchase and Sale of Digital Currency, is always dependent on the market’s volatility and the company cannot assure you that any Digital Currency will continue to have, at any given time in the future, a given value or market liquidity. The company does not guarantee you the future ability to sell Digital Currencies to any party at any time after your purchase, and in no event, the Company is obligated to acquire back any Digital Currency you purchased, whether bought through the Company’s website or otherwise.

7.1. The exchange of goods and products, tangible or virtual including Digital currencies, involves critical risks. The asset prices can fluctuate at any given time, and as a consequence, your asset’s value may increase or decrease.

You need to be aware of the significant risk involved in exchanging or holding Digital Currencies/Cryptocurrencies and that the losses when performing the Exchange/Buy/Sell can be substantial. Currencies, especially Virtual/Cryptocurrencies can be subjected to unpredictable shifts in value and in some situations, may lose its full value and turn worthless. There is an implicit risk that losses could occur, as a result of exchanging, selling or buying on a market.

7.2. Unlike most currencies that are backed by governments and tangible assets/commodities of value (such as gold, silver or oil) and legal entities, Digital Currency is mainly supported with technology and trust. Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by a central bank or a regulatory body that has the authority and means to take corrective measures to protect and save the value of the Digital Currency in case of a crisis.

7.3. Contrary to the above, Digital Currency/Cryptocurrency is a world-wide autonomous , unregulated system that’s built on peer to peer networks, hence, the value of Digital assets can be derived from the individual and collective willingness demonstrated by market participants to exchange Fiat Currency for Digital Currency, which as a consequence may potentially result in partial or complete loss of value should the market for a given Cryptocurrency/Digital Currency disappear.

7.4. Transactions executed in Digital Currency can be irreversible, therefore the losses that could occur due to fraudulent, or accidental activity are permanent.

7.5. You could experience delays accessing your Digital Currencies in case the Company holding your assets experiences any technical difficulties.

7.6. Please note that there are and can be additional risks that were not enlisted in the mentioned above and we strongly advise you to carefully assess your financial standing and all the risks in question, prior your involvement in buying/selling or exchanging Digital Currency.

7.7. Digital Currency markets have various degrees of liquidity. The Company does not guarantee you a profit from acquiring Digital Currency or any other activity associated with the site.


  1. The Price of Digital Currency and Processing Fees

8.1. Price. The price rate for executing Buy, Sell or exchange of Digital Currency functions, is to be decided according to the price displayed on the Site. The Price is constituted of the Digital Currency market rate and the commission fee we charge; additional fees can apply in addition to the Price. The company reserves the right to make changes to any applicable fees at any time, you are obligated to verify the involved fees prior to performing any transactions.

8.2. In any event, you herewith comprehend and agree that the Price displayed on the Site for the Buying, Exchanging or Selling of the Digital Currency is exact and valid for a period of thirty (30) minutes following your initial request to place an order (the “Preliminary Price”), and the Preliminary Price that shows on the Site once your order is placed, may not be the final price or rate of your transaction. This is due to the highly volatile nature of the price of Digital Currency and the period of time that may be required for completing the transaction.

8.3. Cancellation.  You fully understand that any Executed transaction cannot be canceled and you are unable to amend or reverse a transaction – whether it has been approved and completed or pending (which includes any order placed in which the Wallet Address is still to be verified by you, as described in section 6.8 above).

At any rate, the Company, at its discretion, without any obligations, may refuse to comply with a request from you to amend or cancel a transaction on your personal Account. Conditional to applicable law and regulations, in case the Company cancels your Purchase order after receiving Fiat Money from you, the Company will be obligated to refund such funds short of any costs or fees incurred with regards to such refund, including but not limited to bank charges, currency exchange charges and/or payment processing charges. In relations to the cancellation of your Digital Currency deposit order, after having received the Digital Currency from you, the Company will be responsible to credit you with the Digital Currency in question minus applicable transaction fees and expenses. The returned amount for a canceled transaction is to be determined at the exchange rate set at Company’s sole discretion.


  1. Transactions, Third Party Processors, and Chargebacks

9.1. You are responsible for paying any amounts (whether Fiat Money or Digital Currency) owed to us by you, in full. In addition, The company must complete all necessary security measures required to properly identify and authenticate your identity and transactions prior to releasing any funds that are due to you, additionally, the Company reserves the right to withhold any payments that are due to you if you fail to verify your identity and the financial details you have provided the company with.

9.2. Third Party Processors.  You accept that the Company may use third-party payment processing service providers in order to process payments between you and the Company, including without limitation to payments in regards to your use of the Services provided on the Site and any transactions executed by you. In such incidents, you agree that the Company may provide certain personal details and/or documentation about you, including with respect to a transaction executed by you as needed to complete the transaction or as required under any inquiry or in the event of detection of fraud or suspicion of such.

9.3. The Company reserves the right to use or transfer your information to any other third party service providers for the sole purpose of providing you with the Services under the Site or the improvement thereof, as well as for any KYC, AML or CTF procedures.

9.4. The company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account, and/or reverse or withhold any payments, in case the company concludes or suspects that a fraudulent activity was or is performed by you or in connection with your Account, which includes the use of stolen credit cards or any other prohibited activities (including and not limited to any chargeback or other reversal of a payment). Consequently, the company is entitled to report such fraudulent activities to the appropriate authorities or legal entities (including credit reference agencies) of any payment fraud or otherwise unlawful activity.

9.5. The Company does not take responsibility and it is not to be liable for unauthorized use by any third party of credit/debit cards, regardless whether the credit/debit cards were reported stolen or not.

9.5. You further confirm that you will not attempt to make any chargebacks, and/or deny or reverse any transactions or deposits that you have already made in exchange for the company’s Service. You fully understand that you will legally be held accountable for such actions and that you will reimburse the company for any chargebacks, or reversal of your transactions (deposits and payments) and for any loss suffered by the company as a result of this action. In such situations, the company reserves the right to cease to provide the Services, terminate the account, withhold payments that may be due to you, and take the actions which the Company finds appropriate and necessary.

  1. Account Suspension, and Cancellation

10.1. You acknowledge that, at any given period time, the Company will be entitled to (i) suspend your Account and limit your Access to the Site and the Services, (ii) discontinue our relationship with you and terminate your access to the Site and close your Account, (iii) annul your access to the Site and its content and take technical and legal measures to block the users in question off the Site, all of the above-mentioned for any reason whatsoever, all determined and subject to the Company’s discretion.

(iv) The company is entitled to terminate your account without a notice prior to executing this action, if a violation of company’s terms of service has been detected, including but not limited to, failing to pay for any outstanding fees and transactions and/or attempting to access without authorization the Services or another Member’s account or assisting a third party gain unauthorized access to your account or to another Member’s account; (v) the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that a given transaction involves illegal activity, including but not limited to, terrorist financing, fraud, money laundering or any other crime; (vi) the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that your Account or any transaction related to your account is non-compliant with applicable laws or regulations; (vii) the Company is requested to terminate your account by a court order, law enforcement agencies or other government or regulatory entities or in case your Account is under investigation for fraudulent activity; (viii) you misuse the Services provided by the Company; (ix) you fail to provide the correct and relevant information upon the request of the Company or the information you have provided does not meet the Company’s requirements and standards; or (x) the Company believes at its sole discretion that your Account and/or transaction does not meet the Company’s risk requirements.

10.2. In any event, the Company in its sole discretion has the right to suspend or annul your access to the Site and/or the Services, or/and refuse to open an account for you on any other grounds the company finds reasonable.

10.3. In case your account Account is terminated or suspended by the Company, the Company may provide you with a notification of such action, n addition, you fully understand that the Company has no obligation to share with you any findings and information secured by the Company’s risk and security procedures.

10.4. Termination by the User.  You can terminate your Account at any time by sending a request to close the Account to [email protected] No termination fee to apply in the process, however, you will be accountable and responsible for covering any outstanding payments you may have with the Company, existing as of the effective date of termination and to settle all transactions that are pending. The Company at all times reserves the right to freeze or cancel any pending transactions at the time of your cancellation.

10.5. On termination of the Terms of Use, you shall: (i) stop using the Site and the Services; (ii) pay the company any Fiat or Digital Money which you may still have outstanding.

10.6. Retaining Personal Information.  Following the termination of a Member’s account, the Company at its sole discretion, is entitled to retain certain  information for as long as the company has a need or as required under applicable laws, regulations requirements and/or government orders; however, in the event where such needs or/and requirements do not exist, the Company is to erase your data, all subject to the limitations and requirements under the applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Financial Regulation

11.1. The company’s Services consist of facilitating the buying, and selling of a variety of Virtual Currencies from and to the Company in a regulated, international, and open payment system. SEH OÜ, operates under the jurisdictions of Estonia, and has the necessary regulations to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency, (License number FVR000542); and, providing a Virtual Currency Wallet Service, (License Number FRK000456).

11.2. You acknowledge and fully understand that legislative and regulatory changes or actions at a state, federal, or international level may acutely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and/or value of Digital Currency.

  1. Terms of Use Modification

12.1. The Company at any time may amend, modify, update and alter any of the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use,  including without limitation, as a result of legal and regulatory changes, security purposes and changes to the Services provided on the Site.

12.2. The Company will provide you with email notification in the event of any such amendment, update, alterations or change made to the Terms of Use, and by publishing the new updated version of the Terms of Use on the section of the Site.

The updated version of the Terms of Use will take effect immediately after it has been published on the Site, and your access and use of the Site and/or the Services after the modification of the Terms of Service will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of such new version of the Terms of Use.

12.3. We urge you to check for updates to the Terms of Use on a frequent basis.

12.4. If you do not fully agree with any alterations made to the Terms of Use, we ask you to terminate your use of the Site and/or Sevices and close your Account.

  1. Customer Service

13.1. You give consent and agree to the Company using the contact details (phone number or/and email) provided by you upon registration to contact you directly in connection to your account and to your use of the Services or any other products or services the Company offers from time to time.

13.2. Customer Support.  If you have any questions, comments or general queries, you may always the Company via the Company’s customer support at [email protected] Or by accessing our Help Center on the Site. Please in your correspondence always provide identifying personal details such as your full name, address, and any other information that the Company may need to successfully identify you, your Account, and/or the transactions on which you have feedback or queries about.

13.3. Please be aware that calls conducted by the Company’s customer service department may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

13.4. The company shall not tolerate any behavior that’s deemed inappropriate or/and abusive exhibited by users of the Services to our employees. In case the company concludes that your conduct, via telephone, live chat, email or otherwise, has been abusive or derogatory towards any of our employees, the Company shall reserve the right to terminate your Account with us and such action will be considered as a breach of the Terms of Use by you.

  1. General Provisions

14.1. Entire Agreement.  These Terms of Use, comprise the entire understanding and agreements between you and the Company as to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all prior discussions, agreements, and understandings of any kind (including without limitation any prior versions of this Agreement), and every nature between you and the Company.

14.2. Section headings in this Agreement are for convenience only, and shall not govern the meaning or interpretation of any provision of this Agreement.

14.3. Relationship of the Parties.  Both you and the Company are independent contractors, and nothing in these Terms of Use shall be deemed to create between you and the Company any other form of relationship, and the parties shall not be deemed to be partners, joint ventures or agents. You are not authorized to make any obligations on behalf of the Company.

14.4. Assignment.  You may not assign any rights and/or licenses granted under these Terms of Use, including without limitation, the right to use the Account which is exclusively for your personal use. The Company reserves the right to assign our rights without restriction, including without limitation to any Company affiliates or subsidiaries, or to any successor in interest of any business associated with the Company Services. Any attempted transfer or assignment in violation hereof shall be null and void. Subject to the foregoing, these Terms of Use will bind and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors and permitted assigns.

14.5. Severability.  If any provision of these Terms of Use shall be determined to be invalid or unenforceable under any rule, law or regulation or any governmental agency, local, state, or federal, such provision will be changed and interpreted to accomplish the objectives of the provision to the greatest extent possible under any applicable law and the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms of Use shall not be affected.

14.6. Change of Control.  In the event that the Company is acquired by or merged with a third party entity, the Company reserves the right, in any of these circumstances, to transfer or assign the information that the Company has collected from you, including any personal information, as part of such merger, acquisition, sale, or other change of control.

14.7. Survival.  All provisions of these Terms of Use which by their nature extend beyond the expiration or termination of these Terms of Use, including, without limitation, sections pertaining to suspension or termination, Company Account cancellation, debts owed to the Company, the general use of the Company Site, disputes with Company, and general provisions.

14.8. Disputes and Governing Law.   You and the Company agree that any dispute arising and relating to these Terms of Use shall first be resolved by contacting the other party directly in the attempt to reach an amicable resolution. The Company shall contact you using the information you provided in your Account, and you shall contact the Company as set forth under Section 13.2(Customer Service).

You and the Company agree that any and all controversies and claims that cannot be resolved amicably will submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts located in London, England and shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales without giving effect to its principles or rules of conflict of laws, to the extent such principles or rules are not mandatorily applicable by statute and would permit or require the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.

The parties agree to keep confidential all matters relating to the arbitration, including related court proceedings, if any, to the greatest extent practicable. For purposes of this arbitration provision, references to the parties also include respective subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, employees, predecessors, successors and assigns as well as Members or beneficiaries of the Company’s Services.

14.9. Force Majeure.  Company shall not be liable for delays, failure in performance or interruption of service which results directly or indirectly from any cause or condition beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any delay or failure due to any act of God, act of civil or military authorities, act of terrorists, civil disturbance, war, strike or other labor dispute, fire, interruption in telecommunications or Internet services or network provider services, failure of equipment and/or software, other catastrophe or any other occurrence which is beyond Company’s reasonable control and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

14.10. English Language Controls.  Any translation of the Terms of Use, if provided, is provided for your convenience alone. The meanings of terms, conditions and representations herein are subject to definitions and interpretations in the English language. Any translation provided may not accurately represent the information in the original English.





Last revision: 19 May 2019